Opinion Piece

 Exo-Suits in the military

By: Tommy

In the movies and games, such as Robocop, Advanced Warfare, Edge of Tomorrow, there are always people wearing special suits that could make them jump higher, hold objects that are heavier than them, and suits that could make you faster, but was that suit real?

From the 20th century until now people are building exo-suits that could be able to accomplish those tasks. An exo suit or an exoskeleton is a wearable robot that assists human. The suits are developed for military and medical uses. For now, the exo suits can only make people stronger and faster. There is the Sarcon/Raytheon XOS exoskeleton that can allow the wearer to lift 90 kilograms with little or no effort. The American military believed that in the future the soldiers would all wear exo-suits.

Japan also made the Hybrid Assistive Limb or the Honda Exoskeleton Legs that is used for an extra electronical hand or a leg that can be comfortable than having none. There are also exoskeletons that nurses wear to lift and carry patients.

I think that it is cool to have exo suits. I always thought exo suits will be impossible to invent and are only available future technologies, but there could be futuristic inventions that people never thought of before.


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