Favorite Colors

By Hina

  There are variety of colors, red, blue and yellow are the colors that shapes our colorful world. What is your favorite color? 

     According to a poll conducted at the IBSH Elementary School By the Lemur staff in the Autumn of 2014, there were 6 people that likes green, in another way, 12%, 1 person  likes yellow (2%), about 18 people loves blue (38%), 14 people adore purple (28%), red people says red is the best (6%), only 1 person likes black (2%), 6 people like green because it is the color of nature (12%), and there is 1 person that likes brown (2%) because it reminds them of chocolate, and finally 1 person (2%) picked white because they said that it looks good on anything.

          Why is it like that? Is it because it reminds them of happy moments? The truth is, after the movie Frozen was released, people that didn’t like blue, changed their opinions because it reminds them of Elsa or Elsa’s dress. Many people used to like purple or lavendar because they say that it suits them or they look great with it. But now, students start to adore blue like their pet, and that causes fights. On several websites, it stated the top ten colors; (these are stated by their popularity.) Blue, green, red, purple, black, orange, yellow, pink, gold, and finally white. I told a sixth graderthe results  and she said,” I’m not surprised.” I asked her the reason and she said,” blue is a color of the ocean, the color of the sky, it is the element that met with the earth to create the Earth. Blue is also a color that both genders can like, not like pink, or purple.”  Some students however, were outraged, ”  Why not red? Red is the best color you can have! Red might remind you blood and guns but not me. It reminds me of the true self we can be.”

       Who knows? Maybe someday, blue might take over the world and the old brown buildings will probably be replaces by blue buildings!



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