Why are there so many Taiwanese here at IBSH?

By: Avalon (Felicia)

Have any of you ever wondered why there are SO many Taiwanese here even though this is an American school? Most of us probably think there are like 70% of American here, but it’s actually the Taiwanese dominating here! Now lets look at the poll results for—- “What is your nationality?”

According to a poll conducted at the IBSH Elementary School by the Lemur Staff in the fall of 2014, 46% are Taiwanese, 16% are American, 16% are Korean, 12% are European, and 1% are Japanese! Look at the difference! Who would know that over LOTS of questioning, the result would be Taiwanese? Now that we know that the LANGUAGE Chinese is taking over the world, we should try to learn it as much as we can!

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 8.25.55 PM


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