Foot Frenzy: IBSH Students’ Favorite Shoes

By Katelyn

According to a poll about favorite shoe brands conducted at the IBSH Elementary School by the Lemur staff in the fall of 2014, Nike, who got 42%, won the poll by a landslide, and compared to the 2% who chose Converse, is way more popular. Skechers, coming in second place, only got 17% of the votes. Then comes New Balance, 13%, and is followed closely by Adidas, 12%. Geox got 4%, tying with Lotto. However, 6% of the people decided to choose shoe brands other than those. Why does everyone like Nike? Is it really because Nike is good to wear and can be worn for a long time? More likely, it is because Nike advertisements are almost everywhere, which makes people think it is more famous and want to buy it.

When asked their feelings about Nike being the most popular shoe brand, Felicia replied, “Seriously? I never knew it was THAT famous… And I only saw it on commercials! Now I learned that lots of people like NIKE.” “Wow, I never knew NIKE was such a popular brand!” replied Annie.”Woah, I thought Adidas would be more popular,” replied another.Seems like students are all surprised that Nike is the most popular shoe brand of all grades.

In the future, if Nike keeps on being very popular, other shoe brands might be eliminated and the shops will all close down. All the star athletes will be wearing Nike shoes, and everyone will be wearing Nike. However, it is also very possible that Nike is just a temporary trend, and will soon end when Skechers or some other shoe brand takes over. Nike being the most popular proves that advertising is very important, and will most likely attract the attention of customers.

katelyn- favorite shoe brand


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